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Best Solar-Powered Lanterns for Camping

by Tom Miller

When it comes to camping gear, a reliable lantern is a must-have item. And with the increasing popularity of sustainable camping, more and more people are turning to solar-powered lanterns as an eco-friendly alternative to traditional fuel-powered options. In this post, we’ll take a look at some of the best solar-powered lanterns for camping on the market today.

1. LuminAID PackLite Nova

The LuminAID PackLite Nova is a popular choice among campers for its compact size and bright, long-lasting light. This lantern charges fully in just 10 hours of sunlight and can provide up to 24 hours of light on a single charge. It also features a waterproof and inflatable design, making it perfect for outdoor adventures.

LuminAID Solar Camping Lantern - Inflatable LED Lamp Perfect for Camping, Hiking, Travel and More -...
Bright solar powered lantern with 75 lumens of LED light. Multiple brightness settings make it a perfect indoor or outdoor light.

2. Goal Zero Crush Light

The Goal Zero Crush Light is another top contender in the solar-powered lantern market. This lantern collapses down to a compact size for easy storage and transportation, and can be fully charged in just two hours of direct sunlight. It provides up to 35 hours of light on a single charge and has a convenient built-in solar panel for easy charging on the go.

KIZEN Solar Camping Lantern - LED Lanterns for Power Outages, Camping Lights, Emergency Flashlight -...
COLLAPSES DOWN TO HOCKEY PUCK SIZE - These lightweight solar powered lanterns are compact and easy to stowaway

3. BioLite SolarHome 620

For those looking for a more comprehensive solar-powered lighting solution, the BioLite SolarHome 620 is a great option. This kit includes a solar-powered lantern, a portable solar panel, and a control box that can charge other devices like phones and tablets. The lantern itself provides up to 100 lumens of light and can be fully charged in just six hours of sunlight.

BioLite SolarHome 620 Portable Off-Grid Solar Lighting System, 620+ (no mp3 Player)
  • Tap into green energy to power your cabin or van life with the SolarHome 620+; Provides lighting, motion detection, MP3/FM radio and USB charging
  • Kit includes a control box, 3 hanging lights, 1 solar panel, USB adapter and wall screws; Our easy-to-install system is ideal for mobile homes, caravans, large tents or mountain cabins
  • Illuminate your van or RV with 450 lumens of light across 4 lamps; 3 string lights offer multi-area lighting and the glowing control box serves as a wall-mounted fourth lamp
  • Designed for convenient storage and portability; Our compact solar power system packs down to the size of a shoebox that you can keep stored right under your sink
  • The interactive control box gives you complete control of the setup; An integrated LED display provides real-time feedback on your sun strength and power available

4. MPOWERD Luci Outdoor 2.0

The MPOWERD Luci Outdoor 2.0 is a highly rated solar-powered lantern that boasts a waterproof and durable design. It can be fully charged in just 7 hours of sunlight and provides up to 24 hours of light on a single charge. This lantern also features a convenient strap for hanging, making it a great choice for camping trips.

5. Bigfoot Outdoor Products Compact Solar Camping Lantern

Last but not least, the Bigfoot Outdoor Products Compact Solar Camping Lantern is a reliable and affordable option for those on a budget. This lantern charges fully in just 6-8 hours of direct sunlight and provides up to 12 hours of light on a single charge. It also features a collapsible design for easy storage and transportation.

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Tom Miller

Tom Miller

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